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(Image: errors are a common problem for millions of computer users around the World. Despite the severity of this error (it will show up on a blue screen and restart your PC), the fact is that it's likely caused by one small problem with your NVidia graphics driver or card. Although the error will continually lead your PC to run much slower & with errors, the good news is that if you want to be able to repair it, you can use the steps outlined in this tutorial. The problem you typically see with this error is that your system will restart (typically when you are trying to play a game), showing a blue screen when you are loading it up. This problem is a big issue and is caused by the way in which your NVidia graphics driver will typically load up nv4_ in an “infinite loop”. This loop will essentially cause your computer to get confused and cause it to crash. To fix this problem, it's recommended that you repair any part of your system which may be causing this error, which will include the NVidia graphics driver as well as the registry. The first step you need to take is to restart your computer into “Safe Mode With Networking”. If this sounds totally alien to you, the good news is that it's very easy to do - you just need to restart your PC and then press F8 continually before Windows loads, to bring up the “Boot Options” menu (where you'll be able latest news 7cpc to select Safe Mode With Networking). Safe Mode is a setting of Windows that Microsoft introduced to help your computer load up without any of the drivers / programs which could be causing problems. This will allow your computer to read all the files it requires to run properly. Once loaded up into safe mode with networking, you'll then be able to re-install the Nvidia graphics driver on your system. This can be done by clicking onto “Start > Control Panel > Add / Remove Programs” and then removing the NVidia graphics application from your PC. Not only will this allow your system to run much smoother, but will ensure that the nv4_ file is not causing any further problems. After that, you need to be able to scan through your computer with a registry cleaner application to fix any corrupted or damaged settings that your system may also have. A registry cleaner is a software tool designed to scan through your PC and repair a large number of important settings that are n brown latest news inside the registry database of Windows. Although not many people know about this part of their systems, it's highly important because it's where your computer will keep all the files, settings & information it latest news zakir naik requires to run. References to nv4_ are kept inside the registry, which will often become damaged and corrupted. To fix this, you need to be able to use a registry cleaner application to fix any of the potential errors that registry may have.

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