Faculty Values at CSU Channel Islands

At F’16 Convocation, I made a claim regarding CI faculty values. The context of this claim: examining the number of tenure-track faculty as well as the structure of the tenure-track faculty (weighted towards junior faculty) vis-à-vis the service opportunities and expectations at our university. Here they are again, for reflection and comment.

  • First, our faculty value engagement in service opportunities. We have a strong desire for a significant role in shared governance, for being in the room when weighty decisions are considered, and for providing input and perspectives at all levels and across divisions.
  • Second, we value our students. Many service opportunities support student success either behind the scenes or directly.
  • Third, we value our junior faculty and we want them to thrive long-term. We often talk about “protecting” our faculty, both from taking on too much service too early, and from taking on roles best left to senior faculty.
  • Fourth, we value our lecturers. We respect that they have no contractual obligation to service and that in spite of very high teaching loads, many are engaged both in service as well as in learning about and implementing high impact teaching practices.
  • Finally, we say we honor a work-life balance for all our CI community.

Other values? Issues with the above?

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