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Aligning Resources (Time) with Priorities (Discussion, Debate, and Making Decisions)

Senate in session, Sept. 9, 2016. Photo credit: Michael Berman

CI Faculty value collaboration with our colleagues around the university and appreciate efforts to inform and collect feedback from faculty. Yet as CI has grown, conditions have changed. When requesting time during Academic Senate meetings to address “the faculty,” please consider…

  • CI now has 133 tenure-track faculty and roughly 320 lecturers. Approximately 30% of the faculty are senators. Records indicate that during “high attendance” senate meetings, 11 – 12% of the entire faculty attend Senate.
  • We meet in person for Senate once every three weeks for a maximum of two hours. That makes time a precious resource, best used for discussion, debate, and reaching informed decisions.

Senate Exec will continue to allocate time for information-sharing sparingly. Consider providing information prior to Senate and requesting agenda time in-person for Q&A or feedback. Our colleagues in Teaching and Learning Innovations offer suggestions, a model of how this might be done, and offers of assistance, below. (Thanks, TLI!)

Tips and Ideas for Flipping your Announcements

  1. Create a short video. A video can quickly share your message and reach a large audience. It is easy to record a quick video using Zoom or to create a screencast of a presentation using Camtasia. Once you have the video recorded you can share a link from Zoom, YouTube or Dropbox. (example)
  2. Make relevant links and materials available online with context provided. Send links and context to meeting organizer (Senate Chair).
  3. If a video doesn’t seem like the right way to get your message out, create informational slides using Google Slides within CI Docs. Making slides within Google Slides allows for easy sharing. You can also allow others to comment within Google slides prior to the meeting. Here is an example of how Google Slides can be posted online and used before and after events to ensure everyone has access.

Need help flipping your announcement? Make an appointment in the FIT Studio for support. ; 805-437-3788

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