Academic Senate Newsletter AY16-17 #10 (for May 9, 2017)

Agenda Overview

We have a full agenda! Senate Exec wants to provide every opportunity for full debate on the Continuing Business items, particularly the proposals to revise General Education. Please prepare thoroughly — read, talk to knowledgeable people, review the minutes, etc., and come prepared to collectively and collegially determine best next steps. Agenda and materials via this link.

Extra “Context” Blog

As promised, I wrote a separate blog containing the graphs and some discussion regarding distribution of visible service load and predicted faculty structure.

Celebration Season

Investiture. The Nursing Pinning Ceremony. Sí, se pudo. Black Student Stoling Ceremony. Investiture. Sage. Honors Convocation. Commencement (twice!). End of Year Celebrations for EOP, SSS, LSAMP, and myriad others. Final BBQs and picnics. Time to celebrate our reason for university existence!

PROMESAS End of Year Celebration; honoring our graduates

Senate Chair Beverage/ Office Hour

Tuesday, May 16, 2:30 – 3:30 pm, SUB patio. This will be my last official Senate chair office/ coffee hour. Something on your mind? Need a grading break? All faculty welcome!

Newsletter #10: last word

“It is reason, and not passion, which must guide our deliberations, guide our debate, and guide our decision.”

Barbara Jordan

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