Academic Senate Newsletter AY16-17 #2 (for Oct. 4, 2016)

New Senators React

Stacey & Clare; first Senate meeting
Stacey’s post: “Our First Academic Senate Meeting!”

Simone: “Was it everything you expected it would be?”

Stacey: “It was a lot shorter and more congenial than I expected!”

Senate meetings are likely to get longer, yet we can maintain the congenial atmosphere. I wonder how the new senators will react to their first opportunity to vote?

Agenda Overview

The full agenda and supporting documents are available via our Senate page. Review the minutes if you were unable to attend or would like to refresh your memory.

Prepare for a Vote

We do have one Continuing Business (aka “Second Reading”) item: the proposed Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies online completion degree. Please come prepared to discuss, debate, and reach an informed decision.

Flipped Presentations?!

That’s right! We’re asking all those requesting time in Senate to consider how they might most effectively get information to faculty, request feedback, and honor our desire to use our time well. That’s not new, but the messaging — and the offer of help — are enhanced. So, senators, now it’s on us to do our part before the meetings. Going forward, newsletters will contain links and references to material to review prior to the meetings.

Canvas Pilot 

Announcement by Jill Leafstedt: Teaching & Learning Innovations is embarking on a process to evaluate a potential replacement to Blackboard. Please view the video our team put together about the process. I will be available for Q&A via email or at the next Senate meeting. If you are interested in participating in the pilot, please complete this form.

Parking and Transportation Demand Management

Facilities Services and the Transportation and Parking departments have collaborated and hired an expert consultant (NN) Nelson Nygaard to do a Parking and Transportation Demand Management study related to campus planning for the future. A comprehensive set of presentation slides as well as a shorter overview are available in the Senate materials. The consultants and folks from Facilities Services will briefly flip through the overview and spend the remaining part of a 15-20 minute block collecting your feedback. Please review these materials so you’re reading to provide insightful feedback and questions.

Shorter Announcements (also flipped)

All documents supporting these announcements are available in the Senate materials

  1. CI Student Conduct Code: Regulations and CI process
  2. Call for Applications: Resident Directors in France, Italy, and Spain
  3. Housing: Faculty, Staff & Student Mixer, October 5th
Intent to Raise Questions

Questions raised in our first meeting involved maps of gender-neutral bathrooms and lactaction rooms, skateboard policy, and — though you thought we escaped without — parking! And we have responses!

Stacked parking garage
Autostadt Automated Parking Garage Towers


Chair “Office Hour”

Second iteration: Tuesday, Oct. 11, 1 – 2, outside the library. (Why? There are more perspectives, questions, thoughts to ponder, and great ideas out there than our Community (Half) Hours, Senate meeting times, and campus email processes could ever capture. I invite you to join me for coffee (or EABs) on non-Senate/ non-Senate Exec-Tuesdays as your schedules and time permit. I’ll announce a (shifting) time and location each time I post a newsletter. Ideally you’ll do most of the talking and I’ll listen.)

Chair Blog

I’ll work on posting things that may strike a chord with many faculty. I’d love it if you would share your thoughts in the comments, volunteer to guest-blog, etc.

Newsletter #2: last word

“It is better to debate a question without settling it than to settle a question without debating it.” Joseph Joubert

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