Academic Senate Newsletter AY16-17 #6 (for Feb. 7, 2017)

Agenda Overview

This may be the best of all possible agendas: low on preparation needed; high potential for an interesting and informative meeting! Lots of reports to catch us up on developments since we last met and preview efforts underway now and going forward. Only one item up for a vote: the internship policy. Agenda and materials via this link.

Themes for S’17

A brief review of some things on my mind that I shared during our S’17 All Faculty Meeting on January 19:

Themes for S’17

CI is now and will always be in the midst of change, both internally and in the regional, national, and international contexts. How well we predict, plan for, and adapt to change depends at least partly on how well we carry out the other four themes. We’ve gone from an institution so small that, in some sense, everyone did everything, to a size in which this simply isn’t possible. And arguably we haven’t yet developed the structures and practices that allow us to distribute the “everything” well among the “everyone,” while still facilitating informed representation and communication. I’m awed that faculty — both tenure-track and lecturer — continue to step up to serve; I also recognize the pitfalls in not carefully analyzing and re-thinking what we’re doing. Meanwhile, I encourage all to recognize their roles as representatives when engaging in committee, task force, advisory board, etc. roles.

take in world; engage; share
The ideal model: represent by taking in everything, engaging, sharing out everything… iterate.

Some News

New(ish) Resources Supporting our Students

Information and Resources for DACA & Undocumented Students: Martha Zavala Perez has taken the Multicultural Dream Center hand-off from Sergio Juarez (both faculty colleagues) and is running hard. Contact Martha to receive a biweekly email with updates, planned events, and resources to share with students. Sample DREAMer Update #1 here.

The CI Food Pantry is now open in Ojai 1978, 10 am – 4 pm, Mon., Tues., Thurs., and Fri. Donations welcome: drop off non-perishable items and small unopened toiletries during open hours. Kudos to all involved in getting this going!

food pantry picture
Alexis Marquez, Community Engagement Ambassador/ Food Pantry Coordinator and Tiffany Martinez, Community Ambassador, check out the food pantry supplies
Staff Council Award

Did you know that CI has a Staff Council, as of this academic year? And they’ve already done the groundwork to establish an award to recognize exemplary work by a CI staff member. One faculty member is needed to help review nominations — this short-term, light-load service opportunity is likely to be of the “feel good” type. If interested, please contact Staff Council President Rosario Cuevas directly.

Senate Chair Beverage/ Office Hour

Tuesday, Feb. 14, 1:30 – 2:30 pm, SUB, outdoors if weather good; inside if not! Every third Tuesday I’ll spend at least an hour available for conversation about anything on your minds. Times and locations shift in an attempt to accommodate different schedules. All faculty welcome!

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