Academic Senate Newsletter AY16-17 #7 (for Feb. 28, 2017)

Agenda Overview

Low preparation commitment needed for this meeting! We’ll take up a proposed revision of SP14-12, Policy on Assigned Time for Exceptional Service to Students, with the goal of better aligning our policy and outcomes with the CBA. We’re still anticipating the end-of-year flood of policy proposals currently in committees. Expect lots of news and updates in the reports. As you consider which committees you may want to serve on in the future, informing yourself as to the nature of the work can be valuable. (Reminder: skim the minutes from the last meeting to stay up-to-date.) And please consider taking full advantage of the opportunities to engage with candidates for Provost, faculty (past), School of Ed Dean (future): the conversations and the outcomes of hiring both reflect and shape our institutional culture and values. Link to the materials

Faculty Engagement with Provost Candidates

You received meeting requests for five All Faculty Meeting​s, each from 11 am – noon, during the next two weeks. A second option each day is the Campus and Community Open Forum, 4 – 5 pm. The CV links for each candidate will be “live” 48 hours before his/her visit through 24 hours after; the feedback links are available through 5 pm on March 8. Please provide feedback, even if you’re only able to peruse the CV for any particular candidate! The more engagement, and the more nuanced feedback provided, the better.

If our Feb. 28 Senate Meeting requires the full two hours (2:30 – 4:30), it will overlap with the 4 p.m. Campus and Community Open Forum that day. Faculty unable to attend the earlier All Faculty Meeting – and those who wish to attend multiple sessions – may have to choose between the last part of Senate and the first part of the open session. Those who attended the All Faculty Meeting can safely skip the first 15 minutes of the Campus and Community Open Forum, unless they expect the candidate will change his/ her presentation.​

Lecturer Representatives to Senate for AY17-18

Many thanks to all the Lecturers who volunteered to serve our university through service as Lecturer Representatives to Senate​. Welcome back to the five AY17-18 Senators elected by their peers: John Yudelson, Brittnee Veldman, Kim Vose, Christina Salazar, and James Martinez.

Election Timeline

The election of Lecturer Representatives to Senate was the first step in a multi-month process of identifying the membership and officers of the Senate as well as membership of Senate and Advisory committees. The timeline is below: the Committee on Committees will be managing the various pieces of the process.

  1. Week of Feb 7: call for lecturer nominations
  2. Lecturer elections to Academic Senate Tues Feb 14-21 (reminder out on Monday, feb 13th)
  3. Call out for Senate Officer positions March 6th
  4. Nominee Platform Statements for senate Officer positions due Week of March 27—public forum that week ( after spring break)
  5. Senate Officer elections Week of April 3
  6. Call for nominations for Senate/Advisory committees April 10-21
  7. Elections held Tuesday April 25- Tuesday May 2

Clarification: President’s Award for Innovations in Teaching and Learning

As stated in the email you received Feb. 13, all faculty are eligible to apply for the 2017 President’s Award for Innovations in Teaching and Learning. A second email will come out early next week with revisions to the memo broadening aspects pertaining to teaching of undergraduate students to teaching of [all] students.

Senate Chair Beverage/ Office Hour

No formal office hour on March 7: I’ll be happy to talk to you in the margins of our provost candidate visit! And I’m always available for mutually convenient appointments.

Newsletter #7: last word

“I don’t think anybody anywhere can talk about the future of their people or of an organization without talking about education. Whoever controls the education of our children controls our future.”

Wilma Mankiller

Mankiller image
Wilma Mankiller, who was chief of the Cherokee from 1985 to 1995, put much of her focus on education, health and housing. Credit J. Pat Carter

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