Academic Senate Newsletter AY16-17 #8 (for Mar. 28, 2017)

Agenda Overview

Update from a variety of folks; one policy up for a vote; two more policies in first reading; information about efforts to meet students’ basic needs…  Agenda and materials via this link.

What’s up? Engagement matters!

You’ll be seeing calls for faculty volunteers for search committees and calls for nominations for Senate positions and committees. Your input and feedback are needed to develop our next few Strategic Initiatives, and to pull off the first initiative (Graduation Initiative 2025) in the best way possible. Committees are wrapping up their work and considering how best to pass on valuable information and lessons learned. (Deadlines for getting things to Senate) And more — there’s a lot going on!

The search for a provost, and what happens next

As I share my impressions regarding the provost search, I’m reminded that change is in general difficult, and our campus is going through a lot of change in a few years’ time. The best provost can’t lead on his or her own. Rather, the provost is one of several campus leaders who need to work together, and to work with faculty, to achieve our aspirations for this university and its students. While choosing a provost is a critical decision, successful outcomes in the years to come will be only partly attributable to the decision. They’ll depend much more on how we all pitch in to work with that person. (Thanks to Dennis Downey for help articulating this thought.)

Why Senate Materials are kinda late this time

Spring Break! Your Senate Chair spent the week on a boat in the Au-Au Channel with whale researcher extraordinaire Dr. Rachel Cartwright and a team of 10 CI students, plus a graduate research assistant who has found her path in life thanks to student research at CI. I’d love to hear your stories — and show you whale videos on my phone! Maybe during Community Time Tuesday?

CI whale research students 2017

Senate Chair Beverage/ Office Hour

Tuesday, April 11, 2 – 3 pm, SUB patio. Every third Tuesday I spend at least an hour available for conversation about anything on your minds. Times and locations shift in an attempt to accommodate different schedules. All faculty welcome!

Newsletter #8: last word

“I do my best work if I think about what it is I have to offer.”

Barbara Kingsolver

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