Faculty statement regarding equity, inclusion, diversity, and civility

This post contains the text of the email with the same title, sent to CI faculty the afternoon of Monday, Nov. 14, 2016.

Dear Faculty Colleagues,

 Given the reports of classroom disruptions and campus incivility at CI in the aftermath of the national election, and given that the learning environment is the purview of the faculty, the Senate Executive Board has authored the statement below. We encourage all faculty to both speak up and to model for our students the expected standards of behavior needed to create a learning environment for all our students. Feel free to adapt as desired.

Yours in education,

The Executive Committee of the CI Academic Senate

 Statement for optional use by faculty on Blackboard, in class, etc.

 In light of recent incidents of harassment and aggression reported at CI and beyond[1], we reaffirm our commitment to creating a learning environment in which students engage in informed discourse and express a diversity of opinions freely and in a civil manner while respecting all individuals, particularly their sense of safety. We also endorse President Beck’s admonition to the campus community on November 9, 2016: “At CI, we embrace the fundamental values of equity and inclusion and commit to diversity as a source of renewal, vitality and strength. Our work is critical to the future of our country as we continue to serve a diverse, multicultural, [and international] student body.”

 Everyone on the CI campus must adhere to the standards of our community; faculty are stewards of these standards in the classroom. Anyone failing to adhere to these standards in the classroom may be asked to leave. Students, faculty, or staff experiencing behavior on campus that fails to adhere to community standards should report it to the CARE Team and/or the Title IX and Inclusion Office, or the University Police (Public Safety).

 [1] E.g., Washington Post; LA Times; New York Times

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